Kris Matheson is THE MAN

So I was sitting, joking with Kris Matheson from Artisan Live, about one of us winning the Digital Signage Man of the Year. Then they call him up.

That would explain why he decided to come to the Strategy Institute meeting at the very last minute, ensuring Air Canada a 4th quarter profit with his hours-before airfare from Toronto.

img00048.jpgI quite honestly have no idea who awards the thing and what the criteria may be, but Kris and the Toronto company where he runs marketing have been very active evangelists for this space for the last 2-3 years and the honor is well-earned.

The award includes the use of a Mercedes coupe for one year, and a signed photo of Lyle Bunn.

OK, I may have made that last bit up. Lyle never signs photos.

UPDATE: I wrote that on the plane and had no time to post. Since then, I figured out the award is the work of the Digital Signage Forum, an online discussion group on this business.

According to the forum: “Kris is credited with starting Artisan Live and has brought digital signage to the forefront of retailers, brands and agencies’ minds as a communications tool in retail and out-of-home environments. Under his leadership, Kris and his colleagues at Artisan Live have won many Digital Signage Awards and have written articles in many leading industry publications. Kris is also involved in monthly Digital Signage Socials, an intimate setting that brings retailers, brand and agencies together with industry players to discuss trends, interests and ideas regarding digital signage.”

Brandy Siler, a sales exec with Blue Pony Digital, was woman of the year. “(She) has really put a lot of time and effort into the industry. She really cares about it and has worked hard to educate those involved in the importance of creative and high quality content. Under Brandy’s supervision, Blue Pony’s Digital content is located online and in more than 1,350 screens in digital signage with consistent high quality advertisements and tradeshow content for many high profile vendors”.

Don’t know Brandy or the company, but congratulations (sincerely).

The winners get three months of free advertising on the Digital Signage Forum and a certificate. And apparently I’m wrong about the car thing.

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One Comment on “Kris Matheson is THE MAN”

  1. Brandy Siler Says:

    Thank you for the sincere congratulations. You are indeed wrong about the whole car thing, but if you want to work on getting me and Kris each one, we would be happy to take them off your hands.
    Have a wonderful day!

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