Another take on last week’s Chicago conference

Josh Coffman of DNA Networks and I trade notes now and then, but we’ve never met. I didn’t realize he was event at the Strategy Institute conference last week in Chicago until I had to split for the airport after Day 1.

He stuck around for both days, and has a good post up on the Digital Signage Forum about his impressions of the event.

Like me, he found there was way too much of a platform afforded to event sponsors. If I am a network operator, I can call software and hardware guys to come, even fly, to see me and take as long as I want. I don’t need to drop a couple grand for the registration and travel to sit through product pitches thinly, if at all, veiled as expert panels.

The networking/card-swapping is valuable for a lot of us, but what’s happening in front of the mikes has to get a lot better or I don’t see these third-party, for-profit events having much more of a shelf life.

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2 Comments on “Another take on last week’s Chicago conference”

  1. I’d love to talk with you more about this. If you are interested, shoot me an email at

  2. Raji Kalra Says:

    I know Josh, he is a good guy. We were assisting him wih some content work for a large hotel poject he is gearing up for.

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