New trade show in April piggybacks on kiosk event

Figuring there’s a whole pile of people hanging out, looking for more than touchscreens for their stores and facilities, the guys who put on the big Kioskcom show every year have stapled a digital signage event onto the side of it.

The Digital Signage Show will run April 16-17 in Las Vegas, at the Mandalay Bay hotel’s massive convention facility.

Having drawn together the largest pre-qualified buying audience of kiosks, self service and digital signage products in the 12 year history of KioskCom Self Service Expo, conference organizers have announced the debut of their highly anticipated new event, The Digital Signage Show, reads the press release by organizer JD Events.

“The Digital Signage Show is debuting after extensive research over the last 12 months, including meeting with industry leaders, companies that have deployed digital signage initiatives, current attendees and digital signage exhibitors. It became clear to us that our attendees made the final decisions on digital signage purchases, and they requested that we enable them to meet with more of these suppliers by bringing them to the event,” said Lawrence Dvorchik, General Manager, KioskCom Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show. “They are excitement about now being able to fill their short list of suppliers and address all of their buying needs under one roof at one time.”

The Digital Signage show will reflect KioskCom Self Service Expo’s strong 12-year reputation as a valuable and critical resource in attendees’ decision-making and implementation process. The speaker rosters are comprised of merchant deployers who are facing – or have faced – similar challenges as attendees.

Well-known companies including Harrah’s Entertainment, Dave & Buster’s, McCarran Airport, United States Postal Service, Vanguard Car Rental, Redbox, Avery Dennison, Sprint-Nextel, SuperShuttle, Rolls-Royce, Hollywood Entertainment, Mayo Clinic, and SanDisk will participate in educational sessions during the April conferences.

Attendees receive admission to all aspects of both KioskCom Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show, providing them access to the most innovative and critical information offerings and technology demonstrations.

Given this is the love-child of the kiosk crowd, the advisory board is not surprising clogged with people from that side of the fence, with a few digital sign guys sprinkled in here and there.

The show will have speaker sessions and workshops, and it appears IBM is buying beer after the booths shut down on the first day. Judging by the agenda, the opportunity for room-clearing vendor product pitches is looking real high, but maybe the organizers will police the thing and actually have people up there with things to say that aren’t shamelessly self-serving.

They kinda need to be good sessions, given the diversions about 300 yards down a hallway and into the casino.

It looks like the organizers plan to do a similar event in October in New York.

I’m not sure the industry needed one or two more trade shows that look and smell like the existing ones, but let’s see how it goes. I’m sure this will raise some eyebrows with the Strategy Institute and the people who do the Digital Signage Expo show.

UPDATE: Read the comments section. The guy who organizes this show weighed in and gives a pretty good account of how it will shake out and why his company put the show together.  He also told me, in a follow-up call, that from his point of view, the show lives or dies on the quality of the educational and buying experience for attendees, and the quality and profile of those attendees as it relates to the exhibitors. “If we’re not driving through buyers at the show, folks are really pissed off.”

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3 Comments on “New trade show in April piggybacks on kiosk event”

  1. Please allow me to clear up many of your misconceptions above.

    The Digital Signage Show was launched because of the demand from the existing audience (over 3,000 – and PRE-QUALIFIED as buyers) who asked for additional digital signage products and services. Over 77% of the surveyed audience stated they purchase digital signage and asked for more digital signage products on the floor, and more education about digital signage.

    As for the sessions, the only involvement from vendors is as session chairpeople – all education and presentations is conducted by end users (buyers) such as Harrah’s, USPS, SuperShuttle, Dave & Buster’s, Rolls Royce, etc. These are the people that purchased, implemented and maintain their networks – and NOT sales pitches.

    As a matter of fact, the attendees lauded – overwhelmingly – the fact that NO sales pitches were done in these sessions – and will continue that way.

    Responding to your concerns of “the diversions about 300 yards down a hallway and into the casino”, in 12 years, half of which have been in Las Vegas, we have never had this be an issue. The content is incredibly relevant, delivered by BUYERS, and the casino has never been a distraction. There is no reason to believe whatsoever that this would suddenly become an issue.

    The Digital Signage piece of the Advisory Board is being built as we speak. The KioskCom section has been in place for 2 years, so you are correct there are more board members representing kiosks. But many of these also represent Digital Signage, and purchase digital signage, so their input will be valuable.

    The two events deliver high quality education from top notch buyers, with the focus for the exhibition on delivering pre-qualified buyers for quality meetings with exhibitors.

    I look forward to answering any of your questions and concerns about the show.

  2. The Digital Signage Show makes much-anticipated industry debut

  3. South African network rolls out 4000 screens to 300 locations

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