Outdoor heavyweight Eller un-retires and wades into the space

A company called NOVUS Communication Technologies, Inc. issued a press release Tuesday announcing a funding round of $5 million to build up market position in networked digital advertising and start cranking revenues, soonest.

This is particularly interesting because one of the key money guys, and a director in the Cincinnati-based company, is Karl Eller, who founded a rather large outdoor firm called Eller Media, which later merged into Clear Channel Outdoor. He ran that before retiring in 2001, and earlier in his career ran another communications conglomerate, as well as Columbia Pictures and the Circle K c-store chain.

So Eller’s got a couple of bucks to play with and a bit of experience.

NOVUS is not very well known in this space — first I’ve heard of them and I have been at this too long — but have actually  been around for quite a while.

Founded in 2000, NOVUS CT specializes in technology development, patents, and new business models in the rapidly expanding field of Networked Digital advertising which includes such new advertising platforms as electronic billboards, digital vending machines, and interactive point-of-purchase signage. Partnering and consulting worldwide with out-of-home media vendors such as Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar Advertising Company, and the Coca-Cola Company, NOVUS CT has helped its clients take maximum advantage of the recent shift of advertising monies away from traditional television, radio and newspaper advertising towards the increasingly effective Networked Digital
Advertising media.

We are excited by the level of investor interest NOVUS has received,” said Clarke R. Keough, CEO of NOVUS CT. “The successful achievement of our fundraising goal and the high caliber of our investors clearly underscore the strength of both our business model and our positioning in the marketplace.”

Nationally recognized entrepreneur Karl Eller, Chairman and CEO of the Eller Media Company, said, “I am highly confident in the development prospects of the NOVUS group, which is poised to become a global leader in Networked
Digital Advertising at a key period in the organic growth of the out-of-home advertising market.”

The company website says NOVUS is active in three areas: digital display technologies, patent acquisition, and consulting.  There are people active with the company who also come out of the outdoor ad business, but it would seem from the team make-up and the focus on patents and technology that NOVUS intends to build market position by working with other companies — not by setting up its own screen network.

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