Odd place to show, but Westinghouse hauls gas pump TV into CES

As spied by Engadget:

Westinghouse Digital works with Adtek Media on a program called PumpTop TV. There is certainly a lot of interest in the gas pump as a media environment thing, and given the real challenges of putting something that generates a lot of heat on a fuel dispenser, working with a company that has all that stuff sorted makes some sense.

The bumph I’ve read suggests Westinghouse has some sort of exclusive arrangement with Adtek to build out a network using these things, so why they’re at CES is a bit of a mystery. Then again, the US is but one market with gas pumps.

The screen, as you can see, has ABC News running. So come next month and the Super Tuesday primaries, be sure to get out and vote and then settle in at your local Exxon to watch the returns.

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