Digital picture frames basis of clinic ad network

Digital picture frames have been interesting for some time now as a low-cost way for someone like a retailer to start tinkering with digital messaging. They can do a nice job replacing a little printed piece on a product shelf.

I had not, however, really thought of these little screen as the basis for an ad network, but a new company in my neck of he woods is doing just that.

The Counter Space Ad Network, says a news release, is partnering with doctors across the Greater Toronto Area to allow digital photo frames to rest on their reception counters. These frames display ads for local businesses in rotation.

Because of the frequently long wait times in these waiting rooms, businesses can now gain exposure to a pretty captive audience.

The Counter Space Ad Network, a product of Nejo Digital Media, provides the service in Brampton, Woodbridge, Mississauga and Toronto.

Judging from the website, the screens are little 8″ inch, 4 by 3 units, which can be picked up for less than $100. The ads are 10 second JPEG spots, though I know at leas some frames support MPEG 4 video.

I think this will be a very tough go because of the screen size and lack of motion media, but on the other hand, the start-up costs are nothing compared to most companies trying to ad networks in the medical vertical. And there are many.

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One Comment on “Digital picture frames basis of clinic ad network”

  1. Dave Galos Says:

    Have you seen the wifi enabled picture frames? I saw this and immediately thought of signage applications…


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