DSE will have a few new faces

Anyone who has been at the Digital Signage Expo a couple of times will know the trade show floor is a bit of a group hug thing, with lots of companies getting to know each other as this industry has grown up.

Most of the major firms will be there, as well a big collection of smaller and niche players who show up every year and seem to have somewhat happily found a way to keep growing their businesses.

I don’t really see any notable absentees this year.

This will be my 4th time at this thing, and each time in I am curious to see who shows up that I don’t know a thing about. This year, and apologies if you were there last year and I’m being stupid, there are companies like Seeyou (panels), IGoLogic (pcs), Netfaze (all-in-ones), Neptune Digital (software and boxes, from Slovenia), Sidewalk Digital (software), Walsh Wireless (deployment and services in guess what), Boser Technology and IEI Technology (boxes), ET Media (software) and Guaranteed Results Advertising (sales representation). There’s also some company called Easy Shadow, but I could not sort out what they do.

Not sure of the exhibitor count, but it looks like a big, full house. The list is here.

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