A look at gesture-based advertising screens

UK wireless carrier Orange has installed a test screen in the window of one of its London high street store’s windows, using the latest gesture-based interactive technology to get passers-by looking and reacting.

The installation is on Carnaby Street and was put together by an agency called The Alternative. More details here.

Gimmicky, yes. Attention-getting, absolutely.

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3 Comments on “A look at gesture-based advertising screens”

  1. Dmitri Says:

    We have/had these installed in the Gap and the Rogers stores. Looks cool and the technology (the interaction with the sceen) seems to be way more stable.

  2. Marc Andrew Says:

    Obviously not a first…
    Ubiq’window is providing touchless interactivity to operators since 2003.
    It was deployed by NTTDoCoMo, AU/KDDI, Vodafone, NZTelecom, Cellcom, SingTel, … to mention only telecom operators.
    Where is it?
    the blog: http://tinyurl.com/2mfvqj
    the site: http://www.ubiqwindow.jp

    Also check the Free Air Interactivity movie on this one : http://www.ubiqwindow.tv/

    Despite it is not a first, it remains a super cool future for show windows.

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