1 Big TV set to roll

If you go to Las Vegas for trade shows or just to behave badly you will likely have seen big honkin’ trucks rolling up and down the strip with billboards strapped on the back, most typically advertising “friends” by the hour.

A new company called 1BigTV has announced plans to do something along those lines, but with 130 inch TVs on the back instead.

What’s interesting is that the guys doing this are going after a franchise model.

According to a press release, 1BIGtv is developing franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs pursuing the market using cutting edge technology for fixed and mobile locations. Ian Goldey, founder, The focus for 1BIGtv is to achieve scale as quickly as possible using a franchising distribution system. Traditionally, franchising has a higher level of success than stand alone businesses, so why would someone want to do this alone when we offer a turnkey solution backed by world class manufacturers and quality designers like Mad Mike? The decision becomes even more skewed towards joining 1BIGtv (versus do-it-yourself) because we intend to keep franchise start-up costs low and we provide most of the R&D and continued support.

Having recently joined the Old Farts Club, I didn’t actually know who Mad Mike was … but am happy to report he is the head mechanic or something on Pimp My Ride, an MTV show about near-death Ford Pintos being turned into gangster rapper mobiles, and people yelling, “Oh my God!!!” a lot at the end.

1BIGtv is a startup company specializing in out-of-home advertising, promotions and focus group marketing utilizing digital projectors and other large format screens. 1BIGtv is as an out-of-home ad network for local and national advertisers. 1BIGtv corporate helps develop relationships on a national or regional level, while the franchisees pursue their local market. Franchisees can supplement ad revenue from private party rentals, because the technology provides fun and entertainment. Playing video games or singing karaoke on a 130 screen is something people dont see at many events. With full audio and video capabilities, the 1BIGtv platform is perfect for advertisers with multimedia content such as a movie trailer, video game or digital ads that inform or entertain.

There some pretty big technical challenges with getting screens and computers to work reliably on moving vehicles, and given these are huge screens, I assume there are projectors involved, which would make it that much more of a madcap party to keep the things working.

It’s not where I would be putting my franchise dollars (if I actually had some), but ya never know.

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