Best mixer yet


I am sipping on green tea this morning to get my throat back in shape after a long day yesterday, followed by a very good but yak-heavy networking mixer through the evening.

This was easily the biggest crowd yet, with by my estimate some 40-45 people filling up the downstairs lounge at Six Steps in Toronto.

There was a great mix of new and familiar faces and some of the new guys, like Haroon from audience measurement start-up CognoVision, said a lot of meetings will come out of spending a few hours milling around and swapping cards. There were also a few people who came with a goal of making contacts and finding out more about an industry they’ve mostly just been reading about until now.

The consulting doesn’t get any cheaper than over a beer.

It was great to see DecisionPoint Media Insight’s Bill Collins, an industry veteran who was in town from the U.S. on business.

Thanks to Mike, Stephen, Kris and Raji for co-hosting this one. The central location and dedicated room at Six Steps works really well, so we may well have a semi-permanent home for this thing.

The mixer is supposed to be monthly, but that means the next one would be at the end of February, which is the same week as the DSE show in Lost Wages. Most of the mob will be down there. So I’m suggesting we push off at least a week.

Any volunteers to host the next one? It’s dead easy – name a date, book the lower lounge, and plop your card down to pay for some nibblies.

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One Comment on “Best mixer yet”

  1. What a great night!

    There is a move a foot to have the next one in Lost Wages. Thanks to all that attended…

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