Research shows billboards tops among alternative media consumption


Spotted on AdLab

Mediamark Research Inc. did a survey last spring of 26,000 people to determine whether they had noticed alternative types of media and their interest levels in those types of media.

Billboards get the most attention while things like ads in taxis and, surprisingly, in elevators are among those that get the least attention. From what I have seen of the dynamics in elevators with screens, once people know they are there they routinely look at them. And I know from paid research the aided and unaided ad recall rates were quite good.

The cell phone thing is a little surprising, though North America is a late adopter.

A report summary PDF you can get here says the data also show–across the board–that younger people are more likely to report interest in these non-traditional forms of advertising than are older consumers.

“It’s interesting that product placement on TV-which is a relatively non-intrusive form of advertising-has such a high ranking when compared with more ubiquitous and hard-to-miss forms of advertising,” said Anne Marie Kelly, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning at MRI. “And while in-theatre ads have drawn their share of criticism over the years, these data show that almost 1/3 of movie-goers are interested in them.”

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2 Comments on “Research shows billboards tops among alternative media consumption”

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  2. Michael Says:

    Why would I want ads on my cell phone? I know this is conventional wisdom – but I would rather use my phone minutes andbattery for phone calls.

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