The money is moving – $100M shifting from TV to movie pre-shows

Weakening ratings and that lingering writers strike is prompting a major media house to look at moving $100 million out the TV bucket and outting it into the digital out of home bucket – specifically cinema screen networks.

Reports Advertising Age:

Buying giant MediaVest is in talks with two cinema-advertising networks to move more than $100 million in prime-time broadcast TV ads to the big screen. A shift by the Publicis Groupe agency, which handles such influential clients as Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, Capital One, Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble, could deal a significant blow to the already-hurting TV networks.

In fact, the move was prompted by some of the woes assailing broadcast TV in recent months, said Donna Speciale, president-investment and activation, MediaVest. “The bottom line is that the ratings erosion hasn’t stopped,” Ms. Speciale said. “We are really looking to take a proactive approach and say, ‘You know what? We can’t keep our money in TV.'”

Broadcast TV has long been touted as the most efficient way to reach millions of people in one fell swoop, a belief obviously still held by the marketers that committed $9.2 billion in the upfront-sales period last summer. Several chinks, however, have developed in the medium’s armor. Audiences continue to wander to emerging media; so-called scatter inventory is tight and pricey; and more consumers can zap past commercials with the use of DVRs. The writers strike, which commenced Nov. 5, has wiped out much of the original programming that draws viewers to the venue.

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2 Comments on “The money is moving – $100M shifting from TV to movie pre-shows”

  1. pakipics Says:

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  2. llabesab Says:

    Does this mean that before I can view a movie at my local theater, I have to sit through a Velveeta
    commercial? There may be such an exodus from local cinemas that they may have to opt for a chunk of the bailout. If only that executive salary cap were higher.

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