Outdoor continues its digital push

Here’s a nice order if you are the Daktronics guy in Europe.

Daktronics Inc. , the world’s leading digital billboard manufacturer, announced today that JCDecaux, a leader in European outdoor advertising, has chosen Daktronics to provide the company with 20 digital LED billboards for installation in the United Kingdom. It will be the largest deployment of roadside digital screens in Europe, and it marks a significant step in the growth of digital outdoor advertising on that continent, says a news release.

It follows on two boards purchased last year.

No number is given but a typical board of the size they are talking about is at least half a million and more than a million, probably, all in.

Let’s see … $20 million, and let’s say 5% commission … Yowzah!!!

Meanwhile, here’s a piece from Michigan that notes Adams Outdoor Advertising – a good-sized regional outdoor player in the US – already has four LED boards in that state and has plans for six or eight more just in a couple of counties over the next two years.

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2 Comments on “Outdoor continues its digital push”

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  2. aideycot Says:

    It’s UK PDS 20M – prob 50% on the LED and 50% on installs etc. We wrote about the deal last October…

    It’s been reported in a couple of places that JC Decaux are to invest £20m in European digital roadside billboards.

    When you think that THE world’s largest media sellers are Clear Channel Outdoor, JC Decaux, Lamar and CBS Outdoor any ‘digital’ announcement to do with JC Decaux is worth making note of.

    In 2008 I understand that JC Decaux will be installing 20 (twenty) 6m x 3m LED’s in the UK. This seems to be part of a broader group utilisation of LED

    See http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/369

    Our take on the actual order (is GOOD) see and a niced picture of the TORCH http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/1028

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