ENN rising from dead … and heading to India … huh???

A news story alert plopped into the Inbox today saying my old company, Elevator News Network, is about to bust into India to install 1,000 locations.

Trouble is, Elevator News Network merged seven years ago with Captivate and the ENN brand was pretty quickly retired, and has not to my knowledge resurfaced.

The news story:

Canadian digital company Elevator News Network (ENN), in association with global business-class data broadcasting solution major Helius Inc, plans to consolidate its presence in India introducing 1,000 digital signage at selected office properties, shopping malls and leading housing complexes across the country in next one year.

‘We are planning to install 1,000 digital signage in India, of which about 300 would be in Kolkata itself. The total investment would be around $25 million (Rs.1 billion). We are in talks with various national and regional partners to execute the project,’ Ashok Sharma, chief executive officer of ENN, told IANS on the sidelines of a programme here Monday evening.

He said the initial investment for the project would be around $5 million and the company was expecting a year-on-year growth of 28 percent of ENN’s business in India.

‘We are now discussing things with several leading media organisations in the country which will deliver their content for this service,’ he said.

ENN and Helius Inc would jointly provide this service through internet. It will deliver up-to-the-minute news and information to the business community via digital video monitors mounted in the elevator cabs of high-rise buildings.

The service would be updated by a production house and the mother server would be located in New York. The newsroom will generate news, business and market updates, weather forecast and traffic information.

Well, Captivate is outside Boston and Helius is in Utah, so where the NYC thing comes from, who knows …

‘We first started off this digital signage solution system in India in November last year. Apart from strengthening its operation in India, the company is now looking to foray into the Middle East and Singapore markets by the end of 2008,’ Sharma said.

The system already has a strong presence in New York and Chicago. ENN, the Canadian arm of Captive Network Inc, had a total turnover of $75 million last year.

That would be Captivate, not Captive, and the US wing is in 23 major US markets.

The company was launched in the Toronto market in 1997 and now it has over one million consumers across North America through a strong network of 4,000 elevator screens.

Captivate actually has twice that many screens in the US and Canada.

This is the strangest thing, but in digging around I actually found a website for Elevator News Network. The company is based in India and has held press conferences over there and issued press releases.

The site suggests it has a 16 buildings under contract in India and another four here in Canada and six in the US.

I am going to hazard a guess here that the reporter for India eNews kind of, well, buggered the reporting. I’m an old newspaper editor and have seen all kinds of facts mangled, and my suspicion is the reporter turned what was maybe a general comparison to ENN and Captivate in the west into a direct tie, and then ran with it.

Helius has the company listed on its website as a client/partner.

That said, I think Captivate’s lawyers might get a little prickly about the use of the ENN name. Most anyway you try that name or acronym, it kicks to the Captivate site.

NOTE: Someone from the company has posted a comment clarifying matters and distancing the company from the news article,  which indeed appears to have been badly mishandled.

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4 Comments on “ENN rising from dead … and heading to India … huh???”

  1. Ian G Says:

    That is the craziest thing I’ve seen all day… based on this, I am re-naming my server cluster into “MOTHER SERVER”. So, does the mother server get all cranky when you don’t call home enough?

    I love this business!

  2. Ed Says:

    Perhaps they could use some EDU-5000’s
    Gee I think we just might have some inventory – hehe

  3. ENN rising from dead … and heading to India…… ?? (Misconception)

    Elevator News Network Private Limited (ENN) incorporated in India to shine the Indian market across the world with its services.

    In response to the article published on the website in regards to Elevator News Network Private Limited

    Facts of the story and for the record:

    Elevator News Network Private Limited, (ENN) is a 100 percent Indian firm incorporated in India in 2007, launched its operations in November 2007 in Mumbai and expanded its operations to Kolkatta on 11th February 2008.

    Elevator News Network Private Limited is promoted by people of India and the technology support is taken from US based firm Helius Inc.


    Elevator News Netowrk is 100 percent Indian Company and not a Canadian Digital Company as published in the article.

    Further, Elevator News Network Private Limited (ENN) has no direct or indirect connecion or relation or what soever with Captive Network Inc. and ENN, the candian arm of Canadian arm of Captive Network Inc.

    Fact remains that Elevator News Network Private Limited has its head office in Mumbai, India and its affiliated offices in USA and Canada

    Posted article is with misleading facts, confusing and without thorough in-depth research.

    Hence there should be no misconception in connecting Elevator News Network Private Limited (ENN) with any foreign company with similar business activities.

    Our website is http://www.ennlive.com

  4. Sanjana Says:

    Good informative article. India attracting more and more Companies to start business here. This time it’s ENN with an aim to promote India market. Lets hope for the best, but what do you think is India growing just because foreign companies are pouring in?

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