SeeSaw adds eight more networks to roster

Advertising network sales aggregator SeeSaw Networks has announced it has signed up eight more networks, bringing the total under contract to 36 and prompting the SF Bay guys to start lumping their network reach in with big-time broadcast TV.

Says the news release:

SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive digital out-of-home media network, announced today that it added eight new affiliates to its digital signage network. The company now has aggregated 36 networks, offering advertisers the broadest digital signage network in the U.S. SeeSaw’s affiliate network delivers more impressions than a spot on the average of the top five primetime shows in 2007, including American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and NBC Sunday Night Football.

PumpTop TV Network, one of the new affiliates, increases SeeSaw’s reach in gas stations. While waiting for the pump to finish, consumers are engaged by advertisements mixed with current news and entertainment, including local sports scores, news headlines, weather and real-time traffic maps. SeeSaw has also added the Casino Channel Network (casinos), Acrosscut Media (hotels), HotSpot Network (information kiosks), LevelVision (college bookstores), Private Dental Network (dental offices), TMI C-Store Network (convenience stores), and Astralis (office buildings and hotels). SeeSaw continues to expand its network of networks to allow advertisers to reach people in their daily lives.

Now the overall opportunity to view numbers may indeed be up there with the audience totals for popular prime-time shows, but I tend to think there will be a lot of agency media planners who will listen to that pitch and feed back a rather smug, “Oh, really …”

Personally, I’d take staring at ads in a c-store, or having my face licked by hungry badgers, over watching Dancing with the Stars … but that’s just me.

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