DSE numbers up dramatically for 2008

Traded e-mails this morning with Chris Gibbs, the guy behind the upcoming Digital Signage Expo.

He said they are expecting at least 2,500, up from just over 2,000 last year in Chicago. As for vendors, there are 160 this time around, up massively from 108 last year. “We sold the show floor out about two months ago,” reports Gibbs.

In terms of what’s new, he noted the number of sesions has grown from 20 to 30, and there’s also a new pre-event session¬† called the “Global Virtual Tour” and featuring case studies from six separate installations. One of those is my client Blast Media, which installs into bars and should be very entertaining, given presenter Jeff White is a former stand-up comic and loves to have a mike in his hand.

Generally, Gibbs says the booths are bigger and this should, overall, be the largest event of the year in the industry. I know from asking around that an awful lot of people are going and at least some companies are putting a lot of marketing muscle into it.

It is going to be crazy-busy, but looking forward to it.

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One Comment on “DSE numbers up dramatically for 2008”

  1. aideycot Says:

    2,500 visitors? Is that correct? whilst the exhibitor number is impressive 2,500 doesn’t seem very high for an event in Las vegas.

    The official attendance figures for Screen Expo Europe – http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/1034 – was 2973 registered attendees

    Would be interesting to get clarification of that 2,500 number?

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