BarCast makes SMS big part of screen plans

A new screen network aimed at the bar and restaurant crowd has taken a look at its young target audience and decided  they have cellphones in their hands as much as they do drinks.

BarCast has installed flat panel displays in 50 bars, restaurants, and clubs around Boston that feature a cellphone-driven  social networking platform driven by Boston-based DS software house Aerva.

Steve Giuggio, Partner at BarCast notes, in a press release:

BarCast is able to engage patrons more successfully than any other mechanism and Aervas technology provides us with a large portfolio of interactive applications such as text-to-screen, pic-to-screen, and voting/polling that bar and restaurant patrons really enjoy.

The interactive displays have, along with the normal stuff, text-to-screen, text-to-vote, photo upload and other trickery.

This is as close as I have seen, at least in this part of the world, to something that actually has cell phones really interacting with screens and becoming a big part of the full offer. Based on some screen shots, and common sense, these game and contest screens that in theory take away from advertising time will have sponsors. And for a lot of of young people, this sort of thing is far stickier content than news headlines and the weather will ever be.

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One Comment on “BarCast makes SMS big part of screen plans”

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