LocaModa, ClearChannel unveil interactive word game in Times Square


Well if you are looking for a way to go into the big DSE show next week with a high profile press release, I guess having your wares running on a huge freakin’ LED screen in Times Square is a good start.

The guys at Boston-based LocaModa, who are focused on ways to marry the platforms of cell phones and digital screens, have gone live with an interactive game popped up on a monster 40′ by 40′ ClearChannel-owned screen in the heart of Manhattan.

Harry Coghlan, President, Clear Channel Spectacolor, said in a press release:

“With LocaModa’s technology integrated into Spectacolor HD, our advertisers now have the ability to not only attract people in Times Square, but also to interact with them via their mobile phones and the Web. This is the start of a revolution in out-of-home advertising, one in which users can choose to engage with brands while brands get Web-like measurability.”

The first LocaModa application on Spectacolor’s Times Square screen is Jumbli, a text messaging word game. Players who submit the highest scoring words from their mobile phones see their names on the screen. Spectacolor is running the game twice every hour.

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3 Comments on “LocaModa, ClearChannel unveil interactive word game in Times Square”

  1. Marissa Wallace Says:

    The proposition is exciting and having reviewed LocaModa’s technology in the past, I can attest to the strengh of their solution. I must say; however, that I have a project in the works that will overshadow this announcement. Without giving away too much, I can say that this upcoming installation offers every person the opportunity to interact with the digital display, not just those people that have text messaging capabilities…as is the case with Locamoda.

    I can’t wait to tell you all about this exciting project. Its set to launch in less than a month. I must offer congratulations and thanks to Locamoda for bringing this type of digital signage interactivity to light.

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