Hacker takes over giant LED board … just ‘cuz he could

UPDATE: Oh, the perils of being unilingual …

A German reader has posted a comment pointing me to a website for a Dutch IT training and support firm. Turns out this is a clever marketing ploy and this excited young guy, Max, is featured in a string of videos, doing stuff like turning off all the lights in an office tower from his iPhone.

Spotted this on the Montreal digital signage blog done by Philippe Gauvin …

From what I can pick out, using my high school French, a Dutch guy with good technical skills determined a big LED board at the Utrecht train station was not sufficiently locked down to prevent someone, like him, from hacking it.

As you will see in the video, he very quickly jacks in and takes over the screen using his cellphones video camera output. Luckily for the board owner, he did nothing more than show his face and those of somewhat befuddled passersby.

He did this so quickly there must be a yawning wide security hole. Rule 1 in this business is protect your players, and if you can, use software that only initiates connections to the Internet FROM the player. If content can be pushed TO players, it's vulnerable.

This would never happen in Canada for one simple reason: the wireless phone data rates up here are so stupidly expensive a hacker would have to choose between pulling this prank, or food that month.

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One Comment on “Hacker takes over giant LED board … just ‘cuz he could”

  1. Erik Schmidt Says:

    Actually nothing got hacked. It is a promotion spot for a dutch company. You can find more information here: http://www.infosupport.nl/Max

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