Media buy for pumping iron and pumping gas getting blended?

MediaPost is reporting that IdeaCast, a large fitness-centric network, and Gas Station TV, which has screens guess where, have teamed up to do … something.

I am guessing sales.

TWO BIG PLACE-BASED VIDEO COMPANIES are teaming up to expand their reach, possibly heralding a new round of deal-making in the booming out-of-home video market. The non-financial strategic alliance brings together IdeaCast–which operates Health TV, Transit TV and the Six Flags TV network–with Gas Station TV, which operates a network of displays in gas station pumps and convenience stores. Offering access to consumers in the top 150 DMAs, the companies hope to deliver 1 billion impressions to advertisers by the end of this year.

Jason Brown, IdeaCast’s president of sales and marketing, touted the new partnership’s advantages: “By bringing together several premiere alternative broadcast networks, we will help advertisers successfully market to the moving target.” He says it provides access to consumers with relevant content, at times and locations when they are receptive. The key is reaching people when they are close to “making important purchase decisions.”

If it is indeed a matter of leveraging each others sales teams and possibly some other aspects, it makes sense and is not surprising as companies amp up their efforts to drive sales, reduce costs ands extend their reach.

There’s a couple of big challenges here. First, you have to get sales people accustomed to singing the virtues of one venue and and approach to now talk effectively about multiple networks. These guys also have to sort out the approach, as both companies may have sales execs hitting the same agency, never mind the guys from NBC Universal who are also selling IdeaCast as part of their aggregated pitch (though just to muddy things, NBC sells a competing gas pump network).

Neither appears to be part of SeeSaw’s network, which could really complicate matters.

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