Screens.TV pushes out DSE roundup

I would love to say I had the time on Day Two to look around, talk with other vendors and relay my impressions of what was up. But it was another blur of a day, and I was still talking to people as the trades guys were pulling the booth apart.

One thing I did get to do is meet Barnaby Page, who edits Screens.TV and was out and about at the show. I’m clueless about what went on beyond my little orbit, but Barnaby and crew have been writing up a storm.

Digital Signage Today also has some stuff up, including a piece on my new buddies at CognoVision, who have a cool audience measurement app using low-cost webcams.

One thing I did learn is the show is back in Vegas this time next year.

To school up on the show, go here …

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3 Comments on “Screens.TV pushes out DSE roundup”

  1. Barnaby Page Says:

    Hi Dave

    Great to finally put a face to the name at DSE, even if you turned out to be shorter, pastier and uglier than your blog had led me to believe.

    This might be a better link for our DSE coverage – (The link you gave leads to some Screen Expo Europe witterings. Which confusion may, of course, say something profound about the interchangeability of trade shows. Or not.)


  2. screenmedia Says:

    Barnaby, thank you for those very kind comments.

    I’m sorry I had about 30 seconds to chat but that pretty much describes the experience, as a whole, while in LV. I had about that much time for a lot of people I’d have loved to have 30 minutes, while I had some others I would have loved to have devoted 30 seconds to, but had them for half an hour.

    Hope your travels home are uneventful.


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