Plans for second annual JADN conference in Montreal unveiled

My friends at Arsenal Media have released the details on the second annual one-day industry conference and mini trade fair in Montreal, on April 8. I was a speaker at the first one last spring, and despite that, it was great event.

Round one was heavy on Francophone speakers, which made perfect sense given the locale, but left me and a few other unilingual dopes sitting around nodding like we knew what was going on. I now spend a lot of time in Montreal, but it will probably take reincarnation to make me bilingual.

This time, it looks like a lot of the conference will be conducted in English, and the sessions look to be useful, rather than the thinly-veiled product pitches you end up in at some other events.

Among the speakers are guys from Cossette and Cisco, Mike Girgis from the Canadian Out-of-home Digital Association, and Ed Voltan of Catalyst Media Group, who has been in the ad sales game since the Mesozoic Era. Ed will bring up his proposal (which he he has been shopping around the industry, seeking opinions) on establishing common metrics. I’ve read it, and while it will annoy some people, it makes a lot of sense for an industry that is all over the place with its message.

There’s also a panel on money, and another one on where the industry is and where it’s going, with bloggers Adrian Cotterill, Bill Gerba and me (so you’ll have at least 20 minutes to duck out and make calls).

The event is at the Montreal Science Centre, which is right at the base of Old Montreal and a short walk to any number of cool little hotels like the Nelligan and Saint Sulpice. It’s also deal at $200, which includes your food and drinks at day’s end.

I will be in Montreal before and after, so if you are coming from out of town and want to set up a time to meet me at the dark chambers of my masters, let me know.

For those reading this in warmer climes, by April 8 the snow (and there’s lots this year) should be gone.

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One Comment on “Plans for second annual JADN conference in Montreal unveiled”

  1. aideycot Says:

    we are so looking forward to this event!!!

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