ING lights up screens at Chicago bank-cafe

Unorthodox Dutch banking concern ING Direct is known for doing things a little differently, and that extends into digital screens.

They just lit up a new street-level branch/cafe in Chicago that has screens inside, working with touchscreens, and ones facing passersby on the sidewalk.

The new Chicago café, says a press release, features a series of seven LCDs operating as one cohesive unit facing the street, which enables passers-by to see a variety of information on mortgage rates, bank products, or even the café’s daily coffee drink specials. The LCDs are networked using multi-display graphics cards developed by Matrox Graphics Inc., (Montreal) each of which can control the output of up to four LCD screens. ING DIRECT can configure the Matrox QID cards to display a different graphic on each screen, or to synchronize the screens so that one large graphic stretches across all screens.

Displays located on the inside walls of the café feature plasma screens that network with an LCD touch screen to enable customers to watch interactive tutorials.

“The digital signage displays serve as a dynamic billboard that enables customers to get our complete message from the street, and which embody our principals of high marketing combined with high technology,” says Shaun Rowley, manager of the Chicago Café. “We worked with Rise (the software guys) to customize the displays to show information that our customers are interested in-they were very innovative and understood our customers’ needs.”

The little photo looks good, though the screens seem up so high they need basketball rims in front of them.

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