MediaPost staging a Digital Out of Home Forum

MediaPost has joined the list of organizations putting events together around the industry. The publisher has put together an impressive list of  speakers and panelists for a day long event on April 23rd called the Digital Out Of Home Forum.

The event is in New York, and costs $500-$800, depending on your membership and timing.

Sandwiched between the lunch break, for example, is:

11:15am — Fragmentation Panel
How Big Media Companies Are Creating One-Stop Scale
Peter Bowen, Founder & CEO, SeeSaw Networks
Virginia Cargill, CBS Outernet
Richard Fisher, President, PRN
Mark French, NBC Universal
Moderator: Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost

Lunch Served

12:45pm Luncheon Panel
Where Next? From Gas Station Pumps To Men’s Room Urinals, Digital Screens Are Popping Up In the Darnedest Places. Where To Next? And Are We Getting A Little Too Up-Close-And-Personal?
Five Minute presentations by:
Andy Batkin, CEO, Prolink
Eric Hebel, Chief Operating Officer, Channel M
Ryan Laul, Managing Director, Hyperspace
David Leider, CEO, Gas Station TV
Lon Otremba, CEO, Access 360 Media
Dario Santana, CEO, NTN Buzztime
Moderator: Erik Sass, Colunnist, MediaPost

Registration info is here …

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4 Comments on “MediaPost staging a Digital Out of Home Forum”

  1. Tom Muniz Says:

    I would say … well worth the T&E $ to the Big Apple to attend this gathering….MediaPost’s Joe Mandese (and of course, the 16:9 blog) are the only two publishers I RSS track and read on a regular basis for tangible info and insight, with real opinion & commentary, in OOH Digital Advertising.

    The panel discussions are well represented by the OOH digital industry players too!

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  3. aideycot Says:

    That’s an impressive speaker line up!!!!

  4. Jenniferln Says:

    thats for sure, guy

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