DSE attendance up 70 per cent from year earlier

The Digital Signage Expo’s move to Las Vegas was one of those gambles that paid off, with 3,400 people turning up – a 70% jump from the year before in Chicago.

Organizer Chris Gibbs told Digital Signage Today that exhibitors were sufficiently pleased the 2009 show should see a 50%-plus jump in the number of booths, which in theory would necessitate a bigger hall, as the it was in looked full to me.

I know not everyone is happy with Vegas as the new home.  Bill Gerba thinks its the wrong place to be and another industry blogger, David Weinfeld, says the city is so amped up with signs everywhere it leaves people with the wrong impression.

I think the city is right. While the proliferation of signs can leave you with a distorted sense of the state of the industry, it also has a lot of best in class work on display. The best LED boards are slapped on the Strip, and some of the work inside the casinos is first class. I wandered into the Planet Hollywood casino on the morning after the show and you can see, very quickly, on the casino floor how good screens can look when fully integrated into a retail design plan.

I took pix, but my SD card decided not save them.

What is less than great, but life, is the actual venue. The Las Vegas Convention Center is massive, but the facilities have some hair on them, the food services prices are silly, the public spaces are cramped and disjointed, and getting a cab when a show breaks up for the day is hard, long work.

I can’t comment on the seminars and speakers. I never get let off my leash.

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2 Comments on “DSE attendance up 70 per cent from year earlier”

  1. zensufi Says:

    Would like to hear more re your thoughts re the software providers present. Good to hear you are a pioneer!

  2. […] Chicago to Las Vegas this year, which prompted some discussion in the blogosphere (Bill Gerba and Dave Haynes). The show is making nice progress with more exhibitors and more attendees each year. Most exciting […]

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