Reactrix going to the movies

Reactrix Systems has announced a deal with National CineMedia to take its gesture-based interactive technology into theatre lobbies that are part of NCM’s national network.

The deal starts with a pilot and then roll of the STEPscape interactive floor projections and WAVEscape flat panel  displays. The screens will go in the lobbies of theatre affiliates across the U.S.

Through the new deal, reads a press release, NCM will have full sales responsibility and operating control of its Reactrix STEPscapeTM systems in theatres, marking the first time Reactrix has allowed a partner in the U.S. to deploy its floor technology as an independent advertising network.

Through its FirstLook pre-feature program, Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN) and other promotional products, National CineMedia provides advertisers with bundled offerings of on-screen and lobby marketing products that provide multiple ways to interact with theatre patrons. National CineMedia operates the largest digital in-theatre network in North America, the Digital Content Network (DCN)SM, which allows for the targeted distribution of advertising and content to specified auditoriums and lobby areas within its network of more than 1,200 AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark USA, Inc., Regal Entertainment Group and other network affiliate movie theatres, including over 13,200 digital screens nationally.

Beginning later in 2008, Loews theatres will also become part of the NCM network bringing its reach to approximately 16,500 screens nationwide.

This looks like a good move for both companies, though it’s not clear from the release who’s writing the cheques to put in the gear. What it gives Reactrix is access to 1,100 venues across much of the U.S., and NCM a new set of pots and pans for its ad sales force.

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