New Digital Signage Show expecting more than 3,000

Kioskcom has been around for many years, and this year’s version has an adjunct show called, rather matter-of-factly, the Digital Signage Show.

Like the Digital Signage Expo, it’s in Las Vegas, though at the large and nicely appointed Mandalay Bay convention facility, as opposed to the big and aging LVCC or Sands Expo halls.

Depending on how you look at things, the downside is you have to walk a loooong way through the casino and past a buncha bars and restaurants to get to the convention center, while the good side is there are a buncha restaurants and bars nearby, not to mention one of the slicker casino-hotels on the strip.

The show goes April 16-17 and at least in its first year, is the really the kiosk show with the digital signage side kind of stapled on and given a clear distinction.

Lawrence Dvorchik, who runs the show, is running out of booth space and is expecting somewhere around 3,100 attendees. The interesting thing, to me, is they have turned down about 600 people who applied for admission, but were vetted and turned down.

If you were at DSE, you know doubt ran into guys who were walking around peddling their services or pots and pans without actually having a booth. Dvorchik says those guys don’t get in, nor do other vendors who aren’t actually showing there.

The attendee list is pretty impressive in terms of retail and institutional, as the kiosk show has been around a long time and likely an annual stop for people at many companies. So far, the number of what I would consider pure-play digital signage firms is small — with Nanonation and Mediatile there, as well as NextWindow, GestureTek, The Digital Signage Group and a few others.

That’s probably not too bad for year one. This part of the show was only announced a few months ago, and it comes only 5-7 weeks after DSE and only less than a month after next week’s GlobalShop in Chicago. It also comes directly after, and overlaps by a day, the massive NAB broadcasting industry show in Las Vegas, which gets ALL the panel guys and some of the software vendors.

Finding a hotel room might be fun.

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