PumpTop declares big dog status

Adtek Media says it now has some 6,000 LCD screens mounted on top fuel pumps at gas stations across the US, making its PumpTop TV network the biggest of its kind in that country.

“We are installing PumpTop TV at an average of four new stations daily,” according to Dick Paulsen, President of AdtekMedia, in a press release. “Our commitment to grow this network is firm — we will bring PumpTop TV to more than 1,100 gas stations in the largest U.S. markets before the end of the year.”

Rival Gas Station TV says it has about 5,000 screens in its network.

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2 Comments on “PumpTop declares big dog status”

  1. J. Green Says:

    The ones I see around Ontario are poorly executed
    Content is very lacking
    Many times I see a blue screen with some kind of Windows error message
    I also notice that the paint as chipped and the edges of the bezels have begun to rust
    I’m not impressed and have a difficult time seeing an ROI on a one eyeball at a time product

  2. screenmedia Says:

    Yes, I see the same thing. The screens and gear are getting quite old and they seem to conking out here there and everywhere. I also get a sense ad revenues have been a mighty struggle, at least in Canada.

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