A different spin on hospital screens

There are any number of companies putting screens in hospital clinic waiting areas, as revenue generating  plays, and other institutions putting screens in as digital donor walls and wayfinding.

But an LA area hospital is the first I’ve bumped into that is using DS software to help streamline hospital operations.

At St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, patient and operative status is pulled out of the patient management system and displayed real-time on 14 large-format LCD monitors located around the operating floor, from pre-operative to surgery to the post-operative care unit.

Presumably this replaces the marker boards that hospitals use to track patient care – at least on the TV show ER, which very happily is my only real frame of reference.

The hospital uses Toronto-based Omnivex, whose strong suit has for years been its automated data display capability.

By pulling information from the primary patient database, says a press release, Omnivex software allows doctors, nurses and administrators to quickly see any changes in patient status, operating room availability and more. This capability reduces errors, while improving overall efficiency.

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One Comment on “A different spin on hospital screens”

  1. Noone Says:

    St. Joes is in Orange County, not LA. I think you mean a SoCal area hospital…

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