Pattison Outdoor out of stealth mode

Canadian out of home advertising biggie Pattison Outdoor Advertising has been poking around at the digital signage space for about three years now, but has been doing so very, very quietly.

But the cat is out of the bag, not sure how, as Adrian’s Daily Dooh blog has a post and snapshot (above)  about the new YYC TV screens up at the Calgary International Airport. This is a deal that has been in the works for ages and I noticed the screens starting to go up about three weeks ago when i was stumbling through there, but promised my Pattison contact I would stay mum on it.

The screens are 46 inchers and relay the usual news and weather stuff, as well as airport information.

Pattison has also quietly started taking on Captivate with screens installed in elevators, going with larger units that have a much larger advertising window.

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One Comment on “Pattison Outdoor out of stealth mode”

  1. […] absent is the shiny new Pattison Outdoor screens in the Calgary airport, which Dave Haynes reported on last week. I was on a conference call at the time and couldn’t snap the vids and talk at the same […]

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