DSE ’09 announces breakout show for something pretty much everyone at DSE does

There’s a reason for this … just what, we’re not sure.

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) will introduce a new Out-of-Home Network Show, Feb. 25-26, 2009, in Las Vegas, reports Digital Signage Today.

“We are introducing the Out-of-Home Network Show to showcase private networks, an innovative result of the digital signage industry, because they are becoming more widely accepted as a viable communications and advertising medium,” said Chris Gibbs, executive vice president of ExpoNation LLC, which produces the co-located shows.

DSE’s Out-of-Home Network Show will showcase private network operators of place- and ad-based installations including traditional, vendor owned and operated, venue-owned and venue-outsourced businesses. In addition to exhibiting, operators will have the opportunity to make a 20-minute presentation to introduce their unique offerings to attendees in the Theater Pavilion.

Either I am missing something (always a possibility), or this is kinda like having an auto show and a breakout area at it for companies with cars that are are leased. Or something. What? Huh???

Nothing on the DSE website to help me out.

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2 Comments on “DSE ’09 announces breakout show for something pretty much everyone at DSE does”

  1. Eric Says:

    Isn’t this essentially an upsell? The economic motivator of ExpoNation is to sell more booth space…so adding space = more revenue.

  2. Nate Nead Says:

    I think Eric hit the nail on the head.

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